Have you dreamed of starting an online business but do not have a following? Have your marketing efforts stalled because you did not see the results you wanted? Are you ready to get to work and grow your brand awareness but do not have a huge budget for ads?

We all start somewhere!

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Are you tired of scolling on social and want to revive or start your online business? Do you find yourself lost for words when it comes to engaging your audience? Maybe you’ve got a fantastic new product but dread the thought of shelling out a fortune on ads.


A Social Splash Strategy will help you gain momentum to warm up your audience, gain new followers and get organic reach when you have a new product to offer, a new blog series, a new offer, or want to revive a stale social presence.

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A step by step guide teaching you the exact process to create content, schedule posts, engage with your audience and create excitement around your offer using free social media platforms. This process builds momentum, brand awareness, helps warm up or start up a new social presence so you can grow your business.

I created the Social Splash Strategy to help grow our Real Estate business. We gained interest, brand awareness, helped grow our e-mail list and got leads and that snowballed to closings and referrals.

Seeing the results that I was getting for our Real Estate business, I began using this strategy with my graphic and web design business. The results were amazing and I knew I needed to share this with other busy, working moms like me who want to build additional streams of income but felt stuck on how to get the momentum going.

Thinking that you have to create tons of content and videos all the time is exhausting but when you desire to grow a business using social media, you know you will need to have a strategy. But if you don’t know what to post or create that may not be the best method to get your name out there.

With this systematic approach, you can build out your plan in just a few hours, use all free programs, save money on ads and is great for new businesses, people who want to build an e-mail list without “bugging” your friends and do not have the budget to hire a marketing agency or spend tons on ads.

You need a strategy to get your name, services and brand out in the world and this strategy works!

When you need momentum and want organic reach and results this strategy will give you the tools and process you need!

We built two businesses from scratch with no budget for ads and wanted massive reach and results. The platforms are constantly changing, but with this strategy and tips, you can get quick wins even with a small audience or starting from scratch.

If you have a few hours a week, you can plan your content and start watching your numbers grow. The brand awareness will kick start a new business, reignite a stagnant one and help give you the tools to increase leads and profits for your business.

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Is this Strategy right for you?

This strategy is great for small business owners, local business, social media managers, bloggers, anyone who wants to increase traffic, get leads, and bring brand awareness for your offer.

Do you have to have a business for this strategy?

Not at all! Anyone who wants to learn how to grow a following on social media and learn to get traffic to their offers.

Do I need to buy other products for this strategy?

No! I love finding ways to help new business owners increase profits because I know that it can take a while to turn a profit. I will share options that you CAN purchase if you have the budget, but they are just options. 

  • Digital product creation instructions ($97 value)
  • Ebook template ($27 value)
  • The exact marketing plan ($1,500 value)
  • My proven TikTok growth guide ($325 value)
  • Calendar Template ($27 value)
  • Pinterest Template ($10)
  • Niche Clarification ($325)
  • Sales page copy that does the selling for you ($250 value)
  • Ultimate Marketing Plan ($1,300 value)

Typical cost ($3,861)

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How awesome would it be to go from struggling daily to post something that gets no results, to having a strategy to grow your reach and increase your brand awareness?

Could that change your life and business?

Meet your Mentor and biggest encourager!

I’m so glad you’re here.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur myself, I know how challenging it can be to navigate the world of entrepreneurship, especially in the ever changing world of social media.

But with the right mindset, tools, and support, you can achieve your goals and create a thriving business that aligns with your values and priorities.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, I’m here to help you build your brand awareness with free tools to help you get big wins with saving money – because we all know that starting a business does not come free.

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Hi, I’m Tricia!

I am a multi-passionate, empty nest mom who loves social media and the potential that we have to build our income-making dreams. My husband and I are REALTORs and used these strategies to build our real estate business. 

I also am a certified Graphic Designer with a certification in Digital Marketing and have undergrad and graduate level education in Business and Social Marketing. 

My experience is unique, but I am passionate about learning and teaching what I know to help others with their business goals.

This is for you if…

You enjoy creating content for social platforms

You have a newer platform and want to grow a following

You are not expecting “get rich quick” results

You want a strategy that you will implement

This is NOT for your if…

Social Media stresses you out

Engaging with an audience makes you nervous

Immediate results is your expectation

Going viral is the only way you think you can make an online business work