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You may just be starting a side hustle to help pay some bills, or just indulge in your Hobby Lobby addiction (can you say guilty?). You may be like me and started your business to help your family pay extra towards bills and fun things. Whatever your reason is for starting your business or side hustle, creating your new brand and website is something I can help you do.

I help new entrepreneurs with Website Design and Branding Design to build their personal brands and start their businesses on the path to success! Your free time should be spent enjoying life or working at your services and products, not googling how to build a website, or buying another course that does not teach you everything you need to know. 

As a freelance website designer and small business owner, I create beautiful and functional websites. Designing beautiful brand logos and branding material is another way I like to help new entrepreneurs. To tie it all together, I create styled stock mockups, graphics, planners (business and personal) to help market and run your business. If you need some extra help, I also offer courses to help with social media and have a website monitoring program.

This way you can create your hand lettering art, write your books or blog posts, and help your clients in your coaching business – or what ever your amazing zone of genius is! Using the resources and services provided here will save you hours of time and allow you to do more of what you love! 

If you want to see some of my branding work, my portfolio shows some of the work I’ve done for other amazing entrepreneurs just like you!

Brands with professional websites attract their ideal clients! What better way to start increasing profits than to have your ideal client book your services or buy your product directly from your beautiful website?

Build more than just a business, build a brand. It’s not just a logo and some pretty colors. Branding is your professional identity in the marketplace. It is a visual of the person and values you are as a Creative.

Once you have your branding and website established, you will be marketing yourself and your services. You may find that you need a little help pulling that all together.

Kind Words from my Clients


I’m Tricia, the one behind the monitor and keyboard of Design by Tricia P Jones. My passion for helping small business owners grow and succeed is what made me start this creative journey.

I serve amazing new entrepreneurs who want to focus on their passions and not have to figure out all the branding and website stuff it takes to grow their businesses.

Most days you’ll find me researching, learning and finding ways to do the hard stuff a little easier so I can help you increase your profits faster with the beautiful and functional websites, high class brands and the marketing assets that you need to market and work your business.