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50 Handlettering Ideas

Are you feeling creative and want a fun hobby or simply a stress-free way to unwind? Hand Lettering is a great craft, skill and hobby that helped me in a time when I needed something to take my mind of the stress of life…(story for another day)! I love hand-lettering and calligraphy and if you want to know what all you can do with this skill, grab my free worksheet that has 50 fun ways to use hand lettering!

graphic design blog

As someone who loves to explore many creative outlets, having a niche can feel like a limitation but I have learned that it is better to have one focus.

Gain clarity and confidence in identifying your niche, helping you stand out in a saturated market.

Digital marketing course Passive Profit Millionaire

This course is filled the exact strategies that Hailey Cunningham aka Millionaire Mindset Mama used to make over $450,000 from creating and selling her own digital products in less than 5 months. Not only that, you’ll get to resell this very course as your own and pocket 100% of the earnings.


Below are a few of the tools and resources to help you build and create an online presence. In some instances, I might include affiliate links to recommended products and services. These links enable me to earn a commission, which supports my ability to continue offering these resources at no cost to you. 

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Website Hosting – after using various hosting programs, this is my preferred WordPress hosting platform.


Domains from GoDaddy – I’ve had great service and help with domain set-up and that’s where I get all of my domains.


I’ve been using Canva from almost the day they launched. It has become the go-to design software and is improving daily.


Adobe programs are the gold standard for so many design tools including photo editing, e-books, vectors, & video editing.


There are so many e-mail platforms, but ConverKit has been the one I’ve enjoyed the most.